People usually think of the word ‘sex’ as a man and a woman who go to bed together. But of course we know that it doesn’t always have to be. Two men or two women can also have intimate sex with each other. Even straight people sometimes wonder what it’s like to have lesbian or gay sex.

But how exactly does lesbian sex work, for example? You cannot penetrate each other the way a man and a woman or two men can. Don’t worry. You can also have great sex without penetration. Are you a lesbian yourself, but have you never had sex with another woman? Or do you want to know more about lesbian sex at all? Then you’ve come to the right place.

How many women are lesbian?

As with gay men, about 5 to 10 percent of women are lesbian. But then we are only talking about the number of women who openly express it. If we also count women who sometimes have lesbian fantasies, that number will be much higher. Almost 80% of women have sometimes fantasized about kissing with another woman. Get the best advantage therefore of the lesbian escort.

That, of course, does not immediately make them lesbian. These feelings usually occur at a reasonable young age – late puberty and early adolescence. Then both men and women can have uncertain periods about their sexuality and try to experiment. Research shows that women are sexually more flexible anyway. They are slightly more lesbian than men are gay and they switch between lesbian and straight sex more often.

As a man you don’t have to be afraid that your girlfriend or wife will suddenly become a lesbian. It is quite normal for women to fantasize about sex or kissing with the opposite sex. Usually it stays with an interest, as in ‘what would that be like?’ And who knows, maybe your girlfriend is interested in a threesome with another woman; the fantasy of many men.

How do lesbian women have sex?

Make no mistake: lesbian sex is certainly not the way it is portrayed in porn movies. There they usually immediately start working hard with fingering. For many women, however, that is not the way they like to have sex. The stereotype of tender, intimate sex between two women is largely based on truth.

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